eyotia asked: Hey Alex, So you've traveled all over the world, and you seem to have met a lot of interesting people along the way. My question is, are you satisfied with life?


I saw this and thought about this question so much I almost lost sleep over it. my initial reaction was to be offended. satisfied. SATISFIED?! I don’t like that word. to me it sounds like settling, like giving up, like stopping.

I have not been around the world, I’ve been to 3 new countries since I left. every day I’m in Tokyo I gaze around with an overwhelming sadness that I will never be able to see every nook and cranny of Japan in my lifetime. I think about all the movies I won’t be able to watch, all the people I’ve never met, all the things I haven’t experienced. 

so what? I made some new friends and accomplished a handful of goals. you think I would put my hands on my hips and say “that’s good ENOUGH” and go back to my previous life in Seattle? I had a fantastic wonderful life back in Seattle—but I wasn’t satisfied. most people with a fantastic house, friends, family, job and significant other would be satisfied. that’s the dream, right? I wasn’t satisfied. I had such a strong repulsion to a settled life, I was distraught every day until I went on this adventure.

am I happy, excited, hopeful, driven, curious, motivated and pumped up? fuck yeah!! satisfied? probably never! do you play a video game half-way, get a little EXP points, a medium-powered up sword and say “ok, I’m satisfied” and turn off the game? FUCK NO!

once you reach goals you make NEW goals.
when you meet new people you share your thoughts, life, time, ideas together and your ideals might alter.
you see new things and experience new places you go down different paths and things change. you and your life is in constant change depending on where you go and who you meet. it’s a journey, man. 

who could be fucking SATISFIED?! There’s SO MUCH I don’t know!

Even if in 20 years I become queen of the world, I would look up to the stars from my bedazzled throne and say “but there are other planets out there…”

uh yeah fxck you lol

The 1975




menswear // the 1975 

I can’t describe how this song makes me feel; the first part it hugs my heart and tickles my feelings and it’s such a tease by the end and ugh this whole record sounds like falling in love and it feels so good to fall in love with music I’m crying

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We’re just a big pool of people giving advice to each other. In other words, nothing is completely reliable, but that makes it beautiful. We must trust each other and trust in ourselves to offer the right knowledge. We can create anything we want because there’s never a concrete right or wrong.

There are very few things so important that they’re worth reacting to in such a way that it disturbs our inner peace.

"I travel for self-exploration, exciting new experiences and to avoid the next decade of friends’ weddings and baby showers." - Turner Barr

The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake.

—Meister Eckhart (via jordan-phoenix)